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Observatoire Oceanologique de Banyuls

Jean-Pierre Feral

BP 44, F-66651

OOB is the Leader of Workpackage 2 (WP2: Indicators) and:
  • co-ordinates and carries out the first inventories and reviews on available data for indicators (WP2). To this end, he contacts and consults the members of the Concerted Action for information and advice. This will mainly be done by (E-)mail.
  • chairs the sessions in the regional meetings and workshops dealing with WP2.
  • co-operates with the Regional Co-ordinators (members 5 to 10) in the organisation of regional meetings (3 regions, 1 meeting per region per year), and makes reports with regard to the sessions on indicators (WP2).
  • makes, with help of the Regional Co-ordinators, draft reports on the results of the inventories and discussions in the meetings and workshops with regard to the most suitable and best studied indicators (including a draft outline for criteria and protocols, gaps in existing data and in knowledge, and recommendations for the selection of indicators).
  • readjusts reports, outlines and protocols according to recommendations from members, meetings and workshops.
  • presents results in meetings and workshops.
  • composes final reports on most suitable and best studied indicators for marine biodiversity studies.
  • is responsible for the deliverables of Work-package 2.
  • gives, through 2 representatives, input to the 2 meetings and 2 workshops (each lasting 3 days) within all 3 Workpackages, by presenting information on biodiversity research in its district.
  • is member of the steering committee (4 meetings at intervals of approximately 8 months).

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