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WP3 Dissemination


Ecological Consultancy Services Ltd (EcoServe), Dublin, IRELAND

Objectives and input to workpackage

To increase the understanding of how marine environments and biodiversity in Europe are structured and function, and may differ between territories, special attention should be payed to actions reinforcing the dissemination and integration of marine biodiversity research at more than only the scientific ecological level. A more public and socio-economic relevant integration should be pursued. Our objective is to assess the potentials for an increase at a pan-European scale of:

  • dissemination of results by e.g. networking, newsletters, conferences, web-site,
  • availability of facilities and equipment (e.g. laboratories, ships),
  • training and mobility in the field of marine biodiversity research,
  • application of results of research by end-users,
  • integration of available biodiversity data in relation to socio-economic questions.

Description of work

An overview will be made of:

  • possibilities for training and mobility at the member institutes, including those obtained from the MARS Network,
  • their facilities and equipment for marine biodiversity research,
  • checklists on marine biodiversity information at the member institutes, and the reference collections that they keep,
  • relevant meetings, conferences and networks through an electronic newsletter.

Moreover, an overview of available databases, used for data on marine biodiversity or monitoring, will be made, and a protocol for unification of the different database-formats used will be drafted. The protocol will include recommendations on how to improve databases in order to allow for better connection to socio-economic questions, as on e.g. impact of tourism, fisheries or environmental degradation, based on available data.

All results (including raw data) will be stored in an electronic format which the contractor will make sure is well protected and safely stored ("Electronic time capsule") for the perusage of future research, even on the long-term (10 years scale and even longer).

To achieve a wider audience and range of institutes within Europe the overviews and results will be made available at an internet web-site, journals for basic as well as applied sciences, and in specialised journals for the exchange of information between scientists and the managers involved in socio-economic questions. Moreover, a close link will be made with the MARS Network who manage related fields of interest and reach many institutes, basic and applied researchers, and managers in Europe.

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