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Akvaplan-Niva AS and University Studies on Svalbard

Dr Sabine Cochrane, Dr T. Pearson and Prof. Dr B. Gulliksen

(AN/UNIS) Polarmiljøsenteret
9005 Tromsø
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AN/UNIS is Regional Co-ordinator for the Atlantic and Arctic region (northern part) and:
  • prepares overviews on biodiversity research in its part of the region with regard to all Workpackages.
  • co-ordinates (together with the other Regional Co-ordinator in its region; member 5) the 2 regional meetings in the Atlantic and Arctic region (1 meeting per region per year with 3 parallel sessions (= 3 Workpackages)).
  • provides help to the Workpackage Leaders (members 2 to 4) to organise their sessions during the regional meetings. The co-ordination includes the preparation, evaluation, production and distribution of announcements and scientific/technical reports of the meetings, following the layout as agreed upon by the steering committee.
  • gives, through 2 representatives, input to the 2 meetings and 2 workshops (each lasting 3 days) within all 3 Workpackages, by presenting information on biodiversity research in its country.
  • helps the Workpackage Leaders to compose draft reports on the results of the inventories and discussions in the regional meetings.
  • member of the steering committee (4 meetings at intervals of approximately 8 months).
  • discusses the draft reports in the steering committee, and subsequently helps the Workpackage Leaders to readjust the reports and to give a presentation in the following general workshops/conferences (once per year).
  • helps the Workpackage Leader to compose the final outlines, protocols and recommendations.

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