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NIOO-CEMO Netherlands Institute of Ecology

Carlo Heip and Herman Hummel

Korringaweg 7,
4401 NT Yerseke,
The Netherlands

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Carlo Heip Herman Hummel
Carlo Heip Herman Hummel
NIOO-CEMO is Co-ordinator and:
  • guides the total process of inventories, integration, meetings and workshops, and guards the milestones and deadlines.
  • chairs the steering committee. The steering comittee controls the progress of the Concerted Action, gives information and advise to leaders of the Workpackages, and helps to prepare workshops. There will be 4 steering committee meetings at intervals of approximately 8 months.
  • provides help to the Workpackage Leaders (members 2 to 4) and Regional Co-ordinators (members 5 to 10) for organising regional meetings (3 regions, 1 meeting per region per year).
  • organises and chairs the general workshops, and is leading institute for (chairing) the Euroconference.
  • gives, through 2 representatives, input to the 2 meetings and 2 workshops (each lasting 3 days) within all 3 Workpackages, by presenting information on biodiversity research in its country.
  • monitors the expenditures and decides on redistribution of reasonable costs between members if necessary.
  • invites external experts (including experts from European countries not yet involved in the Concerted Action) to some or all of the meetings when and where needed (financed partly by a 50 Euro fixed contribution per day by members to the organisational costs of meetings and workshops, and partly by funds becoming available if one or both representatives of the Member Institutes are unable to attend a meeting).
  • takes at the end of each operational year care of publishing the progress on the Concerted Action in a special issue of the European Union for Coastal Conservation (EUCC) magazine and on the web-site of the MARS Network.
  • is final responsible for dissemination of reports, outlines and recommendations at conferences, at the web-site, and in international journals and reports for specialists (students, researchers) and non specialist (including regional and local managers).

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