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The Marine Science Job & Candidate Finder

MarBEF has launched a specific mobility portal for marine sciences - The Marine Science Job & Candidate Finder

With this facility recruiters can advertise their jobs or training opportunities free of charge. They can simply enter details of the job or course being advertised and this in turn will be automatically displayed for online users. Therefore as a job seeker or a person currently in employment, who may want to improve or update their skills for example by undertaking an internship, voluntary work etc., you can freely search our online database for jobs, training courses etc.

Another valuable resource available within this Mobility Portal is the facility that allows job seekers to submit and store their CVs online. An extensive number of fields have been created, not all of which are mandatory, where information on their scientific background, career aspirations and preferences can be stored. Also, as these two archives i.e. advertised jobs and CVs are interlinked: a potential employer can see which CVs match their vacancies, and should a potential candidate with a CV in the archive not see the advertisement they will be notified by email when a potential match occurs.

  • The Marine Science Job & Candidate Finder

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