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Marine-B electronic mailing list

To facilitate communication of the project aims to a broad an audience as possible and to disseminate the results of the project the Marine-B (Marine Biodiversity) electronic mailing list will utilised by the project.
Instructions on how to use the list follow.

To join the list

This process will generate a piece of mail inviting you as the owner to add the person to the list.

Send mail to

Leave the subject line blank.
In the main part of the mail type in the command,

subscribe MARINE-B  firstname surname

Make sure that you do not add a signature at the end of the mail.

To send mail to the list

The email address for this list is

When you want to send mail to the list you just enter this address in the To: field and the mail is distributed to the people who have signed onto the list.

If you wish to check the list archives go to:

The following WEB site may be useful if you wish to get further information about listserv and running of the list:

If you have any problems please e-mail Chris Emblow.



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